Books I Want to Purchase

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Hi! I hope everyone is having a relaxing or keeping busy Sunday! This will be my first blog post on this blog! I am so excited to get started. I have never blog before so this is completely new territory.Β  I have a notebook filled with books I want to purchase and I thought I would share some of the books with you guys today! This is in no particular order.

  1. Greekerella by Ashley Posten
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. Every Last Word by Tamara Stone
  4. Tell me Three Things by Julie Buxboum
  5. How it ends by Loi Catherine
  6. Hello Sunshine by Leila Howard
  7. How to Break a Boy by Laurie Devore
  8. When you come back by Yesenia Vargas
  9. I’ll be there by Yesenia Vargas
  10. The Upside to Being Single by Emma Hart
  11. Β Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt
  12. Another Piece of my Heart by Tracey Martin

This is all the books on my I want to purchase list so far. I may have more books to add if I find anymore books I like. Any books on your guys purchase list? Any books I should add to my list? Comment below! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

See you in the next one! πŸ™‚

~ FlippingFelicia


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