Places I want to Revisit

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Hi! It’s the weekend! It’s a rainy Saturday for me! I did a Travel Bucket Listย post so I thought I would do a list of places I want to re-visit. The list is kind of short but it was fun to write.

Quebec, Canada – I love Quebec. I went there years ago but I would love to visit there again. When I went there years ago, we stayed in a hotel that looks like a castle. The city is just beautiful! I can’t find the photos I took when I went there otherwise I would insert those photos here.

Toronto, Canada – The amount of times I been to Toronto and haven’t gotten tired of going there is surprising. The city has grown on me and I will completely go back there one day. I would love to bring a friend with me to Toronto. It will be a fun trip!



California – Basically anywhere in California I would revisit. I haven’t been to Los Angeles yet but I’m pretty sure I would re visit . I don’t know there’s just something about California that I love.

Orlando, Florida – DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY. I think that explains it.

Las Vegas, Nevada – I been there when I was younger and back then I wasn’t interested in traveling. Now I am and I went explore more of Las Vegas.

Nashville, Tennessee – The city of country music. I have been listening to a lot of country music lately. I used to not like country but my taste in music keeps changing.

I hope you all enjoy this post!

See you in the next one!

~Flipping Felicia



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