Top 10 Favorite TV/Netflix Shows


top 10 fav tvnetflix shows

Hi! Today I thought I shared my top 10 favorite TV/Netflix shows with you all! I was planning to share all them but that will be a lot so let’s narrow it down to 10!

  1. Gilmore Girls – How can you not like Gilmore Girls?  I could rewatch this show a million times. I’m currently re watching it right now.
  2. One Tree Hill – I am so sad that this show isn’t on netflix any more. It’s one of the best shows ever! I had to re watch it before it went off netflix now I am debating if I should buy the DVDs. I also want merchandise for this show. I love Nathan but I also love Lucas. I am so torn! If you watched the show are you a Nathan girl or Lucas girl?
  3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  – I believe I have re watched this show like at least 5 times already. So I may or may not be obsessed with this show but its such a good show. I also want to buy merchandise. I saw one at Urban Outfitters but the price is way out of my limit for a graphic tee.  If anyone knows where I can get one for less than 20 dollars, comment below!
  4. Riverdale – I haven’t caught up this season but this show is so so good! I usually just wait for it to come on to Netflix so I can watch without ads.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy – This is probably the only medial themed show I would watch. I usually don’t watch these kinds of shows but there’s just something about Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t caught up on this season. Again, I am just waiting for it to be on Netflix.
  6. How I Met Your Mother –  If you like a funny show to watch this would be it!
  7. The Office –   My cousin got me into the office and then I got hooked on to it. It’s so good!
  8. Stranger Things –  I usually don’t like scary or creepy shows but Stranger Things is a exception! This show is amazing! You are missing out if you haven’t watched this show yet.
  9. Heartland –  I believe this show is aired in Canada but it is on Netflix! I actually found out about this show through netflix. Its such a good show!
  10. The Carrie Diaries –  I know this show isn’t showing anymore but I love this show! Why did they have to discontinue it?! It’s on netflix if you want to go watch it!

Have you watched any of the shows I listed? What are your guys favorite shows? Comment below!

See you in the next one!

Flipping Felicia


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