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Hi! Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I really need to get back into posting but there’s been some personal things going on and it’s just been one thing after another. I am trying my best to post but it’s been difficult! Anyways I ordered like 3 products from Colourpop last week and it came in today. I thought I show you what I got. I know this isn’t really a haul considering it’s only 3 products but it’s better than not posting! I do have a post going up tomorrow that means a lot to me so get ready for that!


DSCN4726Dream St Palette – This palette was in collaboration with Kathleenlights, beauty youtuber. She is one of my favorite youtubers. (you should know this if you read my favorite youtuber’s to watch post) I was very unsure if I wanted this palette at first because some colors I don’t usually use. After watching a few tutorials of her using the palette it got me wanting to purchase it. The colors are so pretty and I can’t wait to use it!


DSCN4727Just Dew It – I love the packaging of this duo! Lately, light yellows and the yellow on this packaging have been my favorite color this past couple days. I think Adelaine Morin (another youtuber I watch) and her love for yellow is rubbing off on me. Anyways, this duo is from their butterfly collection! It’s a highlighter and blush. The colors for this duo caught my eye. The highlighter looks more orange in person than I thought it would be but I am sure I can make it work.


DSCN4728Moon Child Lip Gloss – This is also in collaboration with Kathlenlights! I don’t have much lip gloss and I thought this gloss would be perfect! It’s a pinky nude with gold glitter.




Hope you all enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite product from Colourpop? Comment below!

See you in the next one,

~Flipping Felicia



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