My Biggest Accomplishment So Far

My Biggest Accomplishment so Far

Hi! Today I thought I will tell you guys about my biggest accomplishment so far! So most people who know me knows I have been writing for a while now and one of my dreams is to have a book published. I am working towards that dream slowly but surely I will get there. I am going on a tangent so let’s get to the point of this post.

In 6th grade during English class, my English teacher talked about this poetry/essay contest called Creative Communications. This contest is available for grades K-9. I just realized they changed the grades requirements. It used to be you can enter if your in 10-11th grade. This contest is also only opened to anyone who lives in the United States. I was very hesitant to enter. I took a day or two to think about it. After I took those couple days to think I decided I was going to enter. My English teacher was so happy I have decided to enter the contest. I had two poems written already. My English teacher helped through out the process of entering and editing the poem I chose. Once that was all set and done, my English teacher sent it out in the mail. One day my English teacher came into my classroom and handed me the letter. I opened the letter and read what it had to said. My poem got published! It was all thanks to my English teacher who told us about the contest. My English teacher sent me a note in the mail and wrote how proud she was of me. Thank you to my 6th grade English teacher for helping me and telling us about this contest. I entered again in my junior year of high school and got published again. Of course with a different poem.



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