Random Thoughts/ Where I have been

Random thoughts

Hi! I have an explaintion for where I have been. Life has been hectic. So I sort of put blogging aside not because I don’t enjoy it because I have other projects going on behind the scenes that I can’t juggle everything at once. I should be back soonπŸ’›πŸ’•

I kind of want to start vlogging but not put it up on YouTube. It’s just for memories to look back at. I have been watching vlogs on YouTube lately and it kind of got me thinking of doing it but just for me, friends and family to see.

I promise I will be back but if you do want to keep up with me , I’m still on social media well mostly Instagram. So go follow me on Instagram, it’s @flippingfelicia. I do have a Twitter but I’m barely on that. Te be honest, I got no idea why I created an account. It’s the same @ as my instagram.

I will be back soon! Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!! β€πŸ’›



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