May Music Playlist

may music playlist.png

Hi! Today I thought I show you my May music playlist! I hope you all enjoy

So Long by Niall Horan (this isn’t on his album, Flicker. It didn’t make it on to the album but just youtube it and you will find it. it’s SO good)

Greatest showman soundtrack (I finally watched the movie and now I have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop)

Trust Fund Baby by Why Don’t We

I could get use to this by Waterloo Revival

That Damn I didn’t Give by Waterloo Revival

Whoever Broke Your Heart by Murphy Elmore

Fan Girl by Michael Ray

Young Love by Ryan Griffin

That’s all the songs I have for this month. I know some of them might be repeated in some previous playlist I have done. What have you been listening to this month? Comment them down below!Ā  Hope you guys enjoy!

See you in the next one!

~Flipping Felicia


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