July Favorites

july favorites.png

Hi! Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! Today I thought I would discuss my July favorites. I think I may be doing this a bit early oh well. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Dream St palette – have been using this palette so much. It’s a palette that can be use for a going out look and a natural look.

Tarte Light camera action mascara – I love this mascara! I have been using it non-stop. I have the travel/sample size.


Kissing Booth- okay so I may have watched this like months ago BUT if you haven’t watched it yet, you need to!! It’s so so good

Sugar Rush – this show is on Netflix. I recently discovered it and absolutely love it! It’s a baking show. The baker’s have three rounds to create and bake their dessert. They have 2 hours and whatever time they have left at the end, that time will go towards round 3.

Nailed it! – I loved this show after season 1 came out and I started season 2 but I haven’t finished it. It is another baking show but the baker’s aren’t as experienced in baking so their creations at the end don’t turn out as they should.


Ivory Ella Shirt – Most comfy shirt to wear!!! I need a hoodie from them. I really don’t need more clothing from them but I can’t help it.

Minnie mouse ring – I have a Minnie mouse ring. It’s so cute! I got it from khol’s! I have been wearing it so much lately.


Journal – okay so I have been on and off journaling and starting get into it. On that note, I’m starting a whole journal dedicated to writing a book. The one I’m co writing.Β  Starting a new bullet journal. Mostly so I can stay organized when I start classes this Fall.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! What are your favorites this month?

See you in the next one!



3 thoughts on “July Favorites

      1. Haha same with me! It’s lasting ages without getting chunky too, it’s a pretty decent price in Australia too so I didn’t suffer too much when I bought the full size! Honestly, so worth it x


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