Flipping Felicia is a book & lifestyle blog. (I’m pretty sure books fall into lifestyle and I could just say lifestyle blog. New at this whole blogging thing so yeah).  I will be posting book reviews, hauls, monthly music playlist, fashion, DIYs and so much more. Book Reviews will happen when I get a chance to finish a book.  ( I am halfway finished with one book so a review for that one will on the way soon).

Now a little bit about me. I am a college student and still trying to get my degree. I have been struggling a little bit but we won’t get into that. I love writing stories and being creative. I have been writing stories for a while now and I am currently trying to write a book.  I have 2 poems published from entering a contest in 6th and 11th grade. It was the same contest for both grades.  I am a very shy person when it comes to people I don’t know or not close with.  During my spare time, I watch youtube, netflix, and write my book. I love going out with my friends but since we are all either busy or at college it makes kind of hard. We make it work. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit.