Favorite Summer Drinks

favorite summer drinks

Hi!! It’s summer and I thought I do some summer themed post. If you can’t tell, my last post was summer related. I mean who doesn’t love summer? Well I don’t like when it goes up to 90 degrees. Why? If I’m outside for a long time in the humid heat, I get itchy and red. It’s really no fun. Anyways, today’s post I will be talking about my favorite summer drinks.

  • Lemonade – it’s a classic and probably basic but it’s great to
  • Bubble Tea – anyone who knows me, knows that I love bubble tea! Bubble tea is great during the summer time.
  • Iced Caramel macchiato – I don’t drink plain coffee. I don’t like the taste. I do drink coffee that has flavor like mocha or caramel. Caramel Macchiato is one of my favorites!
  • Watermelon slushees –  I love to make own because 1. it saves money. 2. watermelon slushees are the best
  • Passion fruit green tea – I have been loving passion fruit as of last year (maybe) and I can’t get enough.
  • Smoothies – To be completely honest, any day is a good day for a smoothie.

I think this is all I have now! I will be back to update if there’s any more! I know this post is a late posting but better late than never. Hope you guys enjoy this post!

See you in the next one,



Summer Reading List 2018

summer reading list 2018

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! Mid- week and it’s almost Friday!! Since it’s summer, I thought I could try to squeeze in some reading time. Let’s get started on the books I want to read this summer! Note: I probably won’t get through all this but these books are on my summer reading list.

  • Emergency Contact – okay so I don’t have this book yet but I do plan on buying it soon.
  • Geekerella by Ashley Poston
  • My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill
  • Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
  • The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmerski
  • Return to Me by Jill Sanders

I know this isn’t much of a reading list but I’m not sure how much time I have this summer to read. I don’t want my summer reading list to be too long. Hope you guys enjoy this post! What is on your summer reading list!

See you in the next one!


June Music Playlist

june music playlist

Hi! Hope everyone is having a good day!! Here we are again with a music playlist. Let’s get to it with my June music playlist.

Because I had you by Shawn Mendes

Why by Shawn Mendes

One that Got Away by Michael Ray

I’m gonna miss you by Michael Ray

Forget about it by Michael Ray

Speechless by Dan + Shay

Play it by heart by Ryan Griffin

What’s on your guys music playlist this month? Comment below!

See you in the next one,


Summer Goals 2018

summer goals 2018

Hi! How’s everyone Monday going? I know was suppose to post yesterday but I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep early. On top of that I have this really bad cough that won’t go away.  Anyways, how’s was everyone weekend? I was working all weekend so there wasn’t really much fun going on. I thought today I shared with you my Summer Goals! I don’t know if I will ever get through it all but let’s get started shall we?

  • Go on a trip with my best friend! We been planning one but we NEVER go through with it. I’m hoping this summer we can make it happen.
  • Write at least 50 pages of the book I am writing before summer is over.
  • Do MORE exercise
  • Catch up with friends
  • Blog more! – More post!
  • Journal –  I kind of slacked off on journaling and I want to try to get back into it.
  • Make time to read more!
  • Start DIY projects – I been wanting to a few DIY projects but then I never do. Time to change that.
  • Photoshoot with my best friend. I been WANTING TO DO THIS SO BAD. Only thing is I don’t know any photographers and it probably cost a lot to hire one.

That’s all of my summer goals for this year! What’s your goals for this summer?

See you in the next one,


Behind the Scenes Video

behind the scenes (1).png

Hi! I have been working on a behind the scenes video for y’all. I putting my video editing skills out there. Well the most basic editing skills. I am still learning. So without further or do here’s the behind the scenes video! Hope you guys enjoy the video!! Also don’t mind horrible filming. I’m not good at filming. I didn’t have a tripod so I did what I could.

I also just realized I had to create a YouTube channel in order to show the video. I don’t have the premium plan on WordPress to upload the video directly on to this post. If that made any sense. ANYWAYS.. here’s the link to the video of behind the scenes: https://youtu.be/nOqkFI_3pHM

Hope everyone enjoys the video! Would you guys like to see more videos? Comment down below!!

See you in the next one!



Random Thoughts

Random thoughts

Hi! I thought I give you guys a couple updates and I don’t know random thoughts. So I slowly posting again as if you can’t tell. I figured out a posting a schedule. I’m now going to post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! I might do a random thoughts every other Wednesday if I have anything to write about! I will start this schedule next week!

ANYWAYS… is anyone into hockey? I have been recently getting into it but I still don’t know anything about the game. I am trying to learn but uh its been slow.  If anyone can teach me, I will be so grateful!

If anyone is interested on updates on my book that I am writing. I have been trying to make progress and it’s not getting far but hey better no progress.

I think that is all I got for y’all today. Hope you all enjoy this random thoughts!

See you in the next one,


Summer Essentials

Hi! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Since summer is practically here why not jump right into my summer essentials!!

The first thing is my ivory Ella watch!! If you don’t know, I love elephants and Ivory Ella products are focused on saving the elephants. 10% of their profits are donated to saving the elephants. This watch is so cute and it goes with mostly any outfit.


Next thing I have is a book. I love to read when I get a chance and there is no better chance than in the summer. I’m trying to read more this summer but I know I probably won’t have time. I have a lot of things going on at the moment.


I can’t go anywhere without my Polaroid camrea!! Sadly I’m not going anywhere this summer. Actually I might be but that still isn’t confirmed. Anyways, I love my Instax and I love to use it to capture memories. I still have my regular camera too.


These two fragrance from bath and body works are two of my favorite sprays. There is another one but I don’t have the big bottle of it which I need to get. It’s the Paris Amor one. That one smells so so good. These two just remind me of summer!


Next thing, is this eyeshadow palette! I love this palette!! You can create a everyday look to a night out look. I just love the colors in the palette.


That is all I have for you today! What are your summer essentials? Comment them down below!

See you in the next one!